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Watch: Chloe Jacobson - "Nice 2 Meet U" at Parker 2

As the pandemic comes to a close (knock on wood), I feel that it's time to finally empty the Shuttlecock concert video vault. This video is from Chloe Jacobson's set that closed her March 13, 2020 show with Maddie Razook and Blackstarkids at Kansas City house venue Parker 2. Sitting criss-cross on the floor at the final Parker 2 show and "the last DIY gig in America" (as one party involved later dubbed it) was perhaps the perfect way to end this era of Kansas City DIY music. This performance of Jacobson's most recent solo single, "Nice 2 Meet U," feels surreal to watch -- cigarette smoke often dances through the frame -- and it's clear why she's the scene's unofficial poet laureate.


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