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Premiere: HXXS - "Starve" Music Video

HXXS. Photo by Annie Nelson.

Someone else can run the numbers if they'd like, but from what I can tell, HXXS had more pandemic era output than any other band in Kansas City. In June 2020, they released a full-length titled How The West Was Won (less than a year after their previous full-length, Year Of The Witch). In July 2020, they began releasing a series of improvised recordings titled Spirit Boxer, adding a new track each week (totaling 10 tracks). That same month, they released a compilation of b-sides and demos called Minor Spells. Finally, in May 2021, they released an album covering Fiona Apple's When The Pawn in its entirety.

Now that we're all caught up, I can tell you a bit about their new album, Channeler, which will be released on August 6. HXXS improvised all of their parts on the record, then called upon Thor Harris (Swans), Moor Mother, Jorge Arana, Zak Pischnotte, and Martinez Hillard (Ebony Tusks, Bodye) to make contributions. Today, we're premiering the album's first single, "Starve," and its music video directed by Jeannie Colleene (half of HXXS). It's noisy, messy, glitchy, and playfully melodramatic -- just like you wanted it to be.

Watch the music video below. Pre-order the album here.

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