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Words and Photos: Jass / Rachel Cion / Cole3k at Replay Lounge

Jass at Replay Lounge. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
Date: September 26, 2021

Replay Lounge - Lawrence, KS

Against all odds (the odds being one couple that didn't realize they were the only ones gabbing on the patio), Jass shined bright early Sunday evening at the Replay. The singer-rapper-producer/bassist gifted the small crowd material from her 2020 album, At The Close Of A Decade, interludes from her most recent project (made up entirely of interludes), her upcoming 4th Quarter project, and a new song featuring co-production from her seven year-old son. If you could manage to tune out or sit far enough away from the offending table, Jass likely had you wrapped around her finger -- both her warm blend of R&B, neo-soul, and hip-hop and her solo bantering felt as if they were being presented just for you.

Rachel Cion took to the patio stage solo just before sundown. Fans who caught her last show (her first post-pandemic) were rewarded with a setlist that varied from the previous one. She mentioned she quickly learned after her that set that sometimes the humidity is going to make it neccesary to  tune between every song. "What You've Done," from her most recent Wanted! EP was performed with a lighter touch and thusly sounded more powerful than before. Rachel also gave one of her songs from her high school days, "Who Are We Mourning," a live debut, played a song still in the draft stages (she said she likes seeing other artists do this), and gave returning fans (me, and others) another taste of "Find Me," an unreleased song she performed last month. Rachel said she wasn't sure if she'd ever release it, but if it were up to me it'd be out yesterday.

The matinee gig kicked off around 6:30 with the first ever live performance from Cole3k. The hyperpop singer-producer has performed live music in other capacities over the last decade, but this was perhaps one of his first true moments in the spotlight. The sun was still relatively high and attendees casually lounged around the patio's tables and booths, and though Cole's music is certainly better suited for a dark club packed with impassioned fans, it didn't take long before he found a groove and was singing his glitched-out love songs with feeling. He also mentioned that propped up against his laptop was his phone on a FaceTime call with his long distance girlfriend from the UK. Now if that's not romance.

[This show was booked and presented by Shuttlecock as an after party for our Swap Meet at Replay Lounge earlier that afternoon.]

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