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Daniel Gum - "The Wolverine" (ft. Rachel Cion)

Daniel Gum. Video shot by Daniel Gum and Rachel Cion.
"The Wolverine" is Daniel Gum's first release since his locally acclaimed 2020 album Thirteen and deals in the same style of alt-country grief that can be found throughout that record. This time, however, he's joined by Rachel Cion who provides backing vocals throughout the song. It always feels better to sing a sad song with someone you care about than to sing it alone. Peter Beatty's lap steel also provides a tangible warmth. The music video, shot together by Daniel and Rachel, features a postcard typeface in the title card and its Super 8 reels capture the understated beauty of Kansas City, Kansas (and the tackier, but beautiful in its own way W. 39th).

Watch the music video below.


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