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Premiere: Frogpond - "Love Song"

Frogpond. Photo by Selle.

"We're Frogpond -- the new Frogpond," announces Heidi Phillips to a crowd in the soundbite that precedes the band's new music video. "Love Song" is the second single from TimeThief, Frogpond's first studio album in over 20 years, and is the soundtrack to the band's first ever music video. Filmed at a semi-secret show back in July (what Americans may one day call "the mask-free month") shortly after the band's reunion was announced, the video captures not only the new lineup's live debut, but a smile-filled reunion of old friends (John G. McGrath shot and edited the video, Todd Zimmer provided the still photos).

"The new Frogpond" features founding members singer/guitarist Heidi Phillips and bassist Justine Volpe with the addition of rhythm guitarist Kristin Conkwright and drummer Michelle Bacon. On "Love Song" and throughout the new album, you can hear Phillips' moody and intoxicating style of singing and lyric writing and her band's brooding, but vulnerable riffing. The whole package is crisp as can be thanks to the engineering of Paul Malinowski and the mastering of Mike Nolte. The major labels are gone (TimeThief will be released via Kansas City co-op label Black Site), but Frogpond's take on grunge and alt-rock is still punchy and unapologetic as ever.

Watch the music video below and click here to preorder the album. The album release show takes place on November 27 at recordBar.

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