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Live This Week: March 26 - April 1, 2023

Ghais Guevara
If you're a hip-hop fan of any sort and you're not out at Stadium Drive on Wednesday night, you're fucking up. On-the-rise Philly rapper (as seen on NPR's music blog and positively reviewed by The Needle Drop -- if you give a shit about that guy) Ghais Guevara will be performing at Farewell with a small handful of Minnesota acts and Kansas City's own Laaee Uzumak! Simultaneously, next door at Howdy, LA's black metal-inspired experimentalist Tricky Youth (as seen at the Gathering Of The Juggalos 2022) will be performing with support from Young Mvchetes and Midwestern. Sure, Jpegmafia is playing The Granada that night, but this double-feature is the real thrill.


Other acts worth catching this week include The Salvation Choir, D.R.I., Tech N9ne, Genre, and Saps.

Find ticket links, show details, and more gigs below. See beyond this week on our full calendar here.


The Salvation Choir w/ The Frightened Stag

March 26 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

6pm - All Ages - $10 


Autumnal w/ Miles Luce and Catfight

March 26 @ Solidarity Library - ECM at KU (Lawrence)

$10 - All Ages - 7pm



Monday is my favorite time of year I'm gonna tell you what I really think I like about Mondays 'Cause they feel like Saturdays When you don't gotta go to work Every day is a holiday I wake up when I want to I do anything I wanna do Can't wait for Tuesday I really never liked Fridays (I don't) I can't do what I wanna do (Like to) Sold out at the movies (Go out) Can't eat at the restaurants (Weekends) Everybody want a good time But the bar's full of cigarette smoke I think I'll stay home I think I'll wait for Monday I live a 5 day weekend I gotta year long holiday Thank God it's Monday The only place that I gotta go be Is at the show or on the first tee Thank God for irony Nevermind the aggravation, modulation Gimme another key I'll tell you why I like Tuesdays (Wednesday) Cause the're kinda like Christmas (New Years) Come to think about Wednesdays (Thursday) Are a little like Hanukkah (Every day is good) Thursday's Thanksgiving I'm talking about good living I'll think I give thanks Thank God it's Monday


Airiel w/ Emmaline Twist

March 28 @ miniBar (KC)



Atticus VonHolten w/ Late Night and These Few Weeks

March 28 @ The Toilet Bowl (Lawrence)

$10 (PWYC) - 7pm 



Shuttlecock presents: Ghais Guevara w/ Student 1, Tabby, Defo, and Laaee Uzumak!

March 29 @ Farewell (KC)

Music at 8pm - $15 (PWYC)

Shuttlecock presents: Tricky Youth w/ Young Mvchetes and Midwestern

March 29 @ Howdy (KC)

Music at 8pm - $10 (PWYC)

Jpegmafia w/ Deem Spencer

March 29 @ The Granada (Lawrence)



Scott Yoder w/ Thong Gag and Big Fat Cow

March 29 @ Club Sandwich (KC)

10pm - 21+



Key Glock w/ Tiacorine, Kenny Muney, and Jay Fizzle

March 30 @ Uptown Theater (KC)



Dug w/ Moon Pussy, Abandoncy, and Saps

March 30 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10-15 (PWYC) 

Scout Gillett

March 30 @ 2020 Baltimore Ave., Suite 102


Wild Powwers w/ Junkyard Royalty, Genre, and Pink Phase

March 31 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10 (PWYC)


Tech N9ne w/ King Iso

March 31 @ The Granada (Lawrence)


KJHK Farmer's Ball Semi-Finals (ft. God's Computer, Cat Fight, 24hr Video, Field Daze, Island Policy, Say That Again, Lavender Bride, and Discotek Mama)

March 31 @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence)

7pm - All Ages

CTB Bino w/ Sky Callie, Bella Bandz, HTP Chip, Jacoby Bron + more

March 31 @ The Rino (North KC)

8pm - $20



D.R.I. w/ Paralysis, Arson Class, and Bleed The Victim

April 1 @ recordBar (KC)



Weaponize Chomsky w/ Moon 17 and Cynthia Doll

April 1 @ The Emerald (KC)

$10 - 8pm


Maria Elena Silva w/ Torches Mauve and Chase The Horseman

April 1 @ Farewell (KC)

8pm - $10 (PWYC) 


Tommy James & The Shondells

April 1 @ Kauffman Center For The Performing Arts (KC)



VIN w/ Drifter, TUN, and Hollowed

April 1 @ Replay Lounge (Lawrence)

10pm - $3 - 21+ 

Dan Deacon w/ Daniel Gum

April 1 @ The Bottleneck (Lawrence)



Collidescope w/ Teri Quinn, Olive Ursula, and Kim Conyers

April 1 @ 12th Street Post (KC)


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