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Photo Gallery: Dream Probe / Creeping Death / Mentira at Holy Cow Market & Music

Olguiemar Freyre of Dream Probe
A few dozen punks and hardcore kids hung out in the alleyway behind Holy Cow Market & Music in-between sets at Friday night's gig. Inside, through the garage door, however, is where the action played out. Crowd participation throughout the evening was fairly meager, but the three bands still served up top notch performances.

Champaign, Illinois' Dream Probe played the type of no-frills hardcore punk that never seems to go out of style in the Midwest. Vocalist/bassist Olguiemar Freyre stood tip-toed to the microphone as they belted out a series of vicious, anti-colonial bangers and propelled each song forward.

Creeping Death, from Denton, Texas, reached into its bag and pulled out a handful of meaty death metal rippers. The band features members of other Texas hardcore bands, so its songs included a smart mix of the two genres. A couple crowdkillers and two-steppers obviously approved. The rest of the room chose to nod their heads.

Following an unorthodox outing on Wednesday night, Kansas City punks Mentira put on a stellar set free of broken strings and other guitar mishaps.

Full photo gallery here.

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