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Photo Gallery: Bib / The Cowboys / Hard Leather / The Whiffs / Natural Man & The Flamin' Hot Band / Black Pope at The Blind Tiger

Nathan Ma of Bib
The Blind Tiger celebrated its two year anniversary on Saturday night with a late-summer blowout. The bar's staff and regulars dressed for prom, a photo booth was set up, and balloons and streamers were tough to avoid. They also booked six punk bands to play in the basement.

Headlining the evening was Bib. The Omaha, Nebraska hardcore band had planned to perform at Waynez World 3 Fest earlier this summer, but were forced to drop due to medical issues. Saturday night's 1 A.M. set made up for that and more. The whirlwind of chaos unleashed rivaled that of the hurricane hitting the gulf several hundred miles south.

Bloomington, Indiana band The Cowboys was a big draw for the evening's show. Their name may conjure up images of a country act, but these Hoosiers crafted foot-tapping garage punk tunes with some classic rock sensibilities. Covers of songs by The Sonics and The Gizmos inspired lots of basement floor boogying.

Kansas City punks Hard Leather punched out a scrappy, booze-soaked final set. Olivia Gibb provided cowbell for Hard Leather, as well as Natural Man & The Flamin' Hot Band who have, at least temporarily, decided on a band name.

The Whiffs offered a taste of new material to be released on a split with Chicago's The Rubs. Black Pope -- a band played its first hometown show ever back in May -- emerged again to open the show with a style of vicious, crusty hardcore that Kansas City has been missing for some time now. Each member donned a dark hood, and by the set's end, vocalist True Newman was sprawled across the stage, doused in sweat, spit, and beer.

Full photo gallery here.

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