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Photo Gallery: Pryss / Unforgiven Five / Bedroom Wounds at Awful House

Gus McCowen of Pryss
Kansas City punks crossed the bridge into the West Bottoms on Monday night for a show at a new DIY spot. Awful House -- a partitioned warehouse space -- provides ample room for bands to play, dancers to slam, and patrons to lounge between bands. Punks were even welcome to snag a healthy snack from a table that had been set up by those in charge of the venue.

Springfield, Illinois' Pryss returned to Kansas City to headline the evening. The band's songs took aim at the "alt-right" and the men who perpetuate homophobia and misogyny. Vocalist Gus McCowen stomped across the floor and made it clear that she takes no prisoners. A minor detour, however, was taken in the form of cover song. Pryss played "Let It Ride" -- a song about girls and gambling by New Jersey straight edge band Floorpunch. What's a good punk band without a sense of humor?

Local openers included Unforgiven Five, hot off the online release of their demo, and Bedroom Wounds, a band that marries post-punk melodies (similar to that of The Cure) with steely industrial drum machines and keys.

Full photo gallery here.

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