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Premiere: Blindside USA - "Fountain City Sessions" Stream

David Chavez of Blindside USA
Since releasing the hottest Kansas City hardcore demo of 2014, Blindside USA has been on a winning streak. The band emerged shortly after many locals gave up on the straight edge lifestyle, and perhaps by coincidence, the band's sound took cues from the late '80s bands that followed the initial straight edge movement.

The Blindside boys released their first EP -- the 7" cinderblock that is "Wave Of Relief" -- in 2015 and have traveled on several tours evangelizing crowds across America. Three years after they started, EP #2 -- "Fountain City Sessions" -- is here. Not much has changed with this offering, but that's not something to be upset about at all. Each song commences with a wave of feedback before the band sets out on a Choose Your Own Adventure. Turn to this page for a sweet bass groove, turn to that page for a breakdown that would make Raybeez proud.

The biggest change present is the strategy of vocalist David Chavez. The last two songs -- "One Shot" and "Blank Stare" -- feature Chavez grunting and howling more aggressively than ever. Other tracks, however, feature monotoned, droning singing parts from Chavez. It's nothing completely out of the ordinary, but it's enough to make listeners wonder where the band is heading next.

Stream/download "Fountain City Sessions" below and order it from Killing A Sound Records.

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