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Photo Gallery: Yung Pinch / Marley Young / A'Sean / Trip Phontaine / Yung Londo at Encore

Yung Pinch
Huntington Beach rapper Yung Pinch shook the sand from his hair and set out on a 10 day jaunt across the Midwest which concluded on Sunday night with a show at Uptown Theater's Encore. Pinch strutted confidently across the stage with a toothy smile on his face and flip-flops on his feet, leading a young, sold out crowd in breezy sing-alongs of his beach boy pop raps.

The 20 year-old's set included about 40 minutes of tracks from his 2016 debut "714Ever" -- a nod to his hometown -- and new fan favorites from his weekly "4Ever Friday" series. Pinch tweeted after the show that he had felt "out of it," but even still, his charisma and energy on stage overpowered that of some of his peers. As he also tweeted: "show was still lit tho."

The evening's antsy audience didn't always give its openers the same warm reception it gave Pinch. Dallas rapper Trip Phontaine managed to bust through that barrier, however, with a handful of moshpit-ready trap tunes and a professional stage presence.

Kansas City's A'Sean brought the Caviart crew up with him for two performances of his latest single "i," Ray Muney's remix of Tay-K's viral hit "The Race," and a new track with longtime collaborator J-Tone. Results here were mixed.

The first opener of the night, Yung Londo, didn't fare all too well. His often laid back flows elicited blank looks from most of the audience. He also forgot many of the words to his final track, which he said had been finished earlier in the day. The last local to hit the stage before Pinch, Marley Young, offered a sleek presentation, but his songs often meandered past their expiration and felt better suited for a night club than an all ages gig.

Full photo gallery here.

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