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Wretched Excess - "A Piece Of Infinity" LP Stream

Usually when I'm showing you all a specific release to stream on here it is fresh out the oven. In this case though, I am making an exception because it is too excellent for nobody to know about. I'm also not one who usually goes crazy for any album that could be classified as "ambient," but let me tell you, this thing is nuts.

Wretched Excess is the recording project of an anonymous Kansas Citian. I reached out to them for an interview on their SoundCloud (the only platform they're on with a messaging system) and got no reply. They have three releases at this point, their latest being "Away From This World," released in July of 2014, but I wanted to call everyone's attention to my favorite release of theirs, 2013's "A Piece Of Infinity.

The album is a collage of echoing piano pieces and slow, swirling saxophone. Its sheer level of spookiness and odd intensity is only rivaled musically by the Twin Peaks soundtracks or the American Horror Story theme as far as I'm concerned. When I show it to friends I describe one of the songs as the soundtrack to walking into an abandoned wild west saloon and seeing a skeleton playing the piano. Other tracks create a bit of a dark, haunted, underwater feel. I think this will all make sense once you listen. Have fun sleeping tonight.

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