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Ying Yang Twins Concert Review

Ying Yang Twins
November 7th, 2015
The Granada - Lawrence, KS

"All these bitches crawl!"
The Granada was abuzz with excited young college students and older hip-hop fans alike. One of Atlanta's most notable hip-hop acts from the 2000's was set to perform. The opening DJ, Yung Grandpa, was spinning top 40 rap hits spanning from 2000 to now and people were already going crazy. By 10pm the crowd that had been waiting since 8pm was very ready to see the duo perform.

The Twins (note: not real life twins) Kaine and D-Roc emerged from backstage to a burst of screams and applause. The hourlong set was low on banter and greetings, but the crowd was ready to party anyway (note: the bar must have made thousands).

Yung Grandpa is the best DJ in Lawrence
The 2000's mainstream rap scene is now often the butt of many jokes due to its near-total lack of substance and lyrical prowess in comparison to the '90's and current times, but anyone who is completely ignoring some of the era's greats is missing out on an awesome time. Sure, Lil Jon might not have bars, sure, Nelly fell off, but they have hits! Some people forget these things. And the Twins were sure to whip out every single one of theirs.

Kaine and D-Roc got warmed up with a couple newer songs and made their way to "Shake," a semi-hit song featuring Pitbull. Near the middle of the set they whipped out the big guns, "Salt Shaker" and "Wait (The Whisper Song)," odes to big butts and showing girls your dick set the venue ablaze with people jumping and shouting and drinks flying through the air.

Collaboration tracks were also fair play for this show. Their song with Bubba Sparxxx "Ms. New Booty" had many hips swinging. "Get Low," the infamous Lil Jon track may have been the climax of the whole night. D-Roc barked his verse into the microphone as Kaine, who had been taking hearty swigs of Patron and vodka on stage the whole night, literally crawled across the stage as the song described.

The hits kept rolling, "What's Happ'nin," "Whistle While You Twurk," it was truly a sight to see. As the set neared its finish the Twins played more new music. A track shared with dubstep producer Pyramid Scheme titled "Thundercat" featured one of those "drops" the kids these days love so much and everyone had a good time jumping up and down to it while yelling, "Thundercat hooo!"

D-Roc meets some fans
At one point D-Roc, who had been busy pacing back and forth and whipping around his hand towel the whole night, hopped off the stage before the last song and rapped directly to some fans with a giant "Why The Fuck You Lyin'" kid grin on his face the whole time. It was endearing to see the goofiness and friendliness of the pair shine through a bit, especially when many current-day rappers are so concerned with looking cool.

While they might not be incredibly sharp lyricists, the Ying Yang Twins hold an important place in rap history. When the two came back on stage to dance during the AssJamz afterparty they still looked to be having a blast. They are entertainers, and if you didn't leave feeling at least a little entertained you probably have no real emotions and should spend your life trying to fix that.

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