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Warm Bodies - "Domo" Stream

Warm Bodies is a new punk band featuring multiple familiar faces of the Kansas City scene. The band is led by singer Olivia Gibb who is known well locally for her art and graphic design. She is backed by Ian Teeple (The Fog, Powers & Light) on guitar, Jordan Carr (Dark Ages, Chasm) on bass, and Gabe Coppage (ex-Beta Boys, ex-The Deacons) on drums. The band recently played their first few shows followed quickly by two well-received sets in Gibb's old stomping ground of Oklahoma for last weekend's Everything Is Not O.K. festival.

The EP is jumpstarted with the electrifying opening track "Turn Me Into Gel." At times, the song sounds a bit like Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge," but upon closer inspection has undeniable traces of early British punk and post-punk. Warm Bodies, like any other project featuring Carr, also feature a steady amount of his bands' trademark twisting guitar riffs and mini-solos (even if he's playing bass in this one). Closing track "CryBaby" is also sure to be a favorite for all the Midwest punks catching their live shows.

See Warm Bodies play tomorrow night at the Replay Lounge in Lawrence and on Saturday night at Penn Valley Skate Park in Kansas City. They will have tapes copies of "Domo" available.

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