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Narc Parade - "CS3" Stream

Narc Parade at Mills Record Company
The band is on a short break as vocalist Jacob Martella takes an extended vacation in Olympia, Washington, but the boys in Narc Parade have decided to drop their third release to tide fans over. Following their demo in April and a single in June, "CS3" is the punk band's most vigorous and concise work yet.

Many people believe that punk music should be political whenever possible. Narc Parade doesn't give a shit about those people. Starting with a burp, track one -- "My Friends" -- tackles a topic central to nearly every popular music genre: getting fucked up with your friends. Bennett Weaver's speedy, crunching guitar parts are dialed in and ready to impress any fan of Gang Green's early work throughout the EP. The final song on the release is the most sardonic and ridiculous that Kansas City has heard this year (outside of Scammers' "#SelfieWalll"). The instrumentation is that of your typical 80's-influenced hardcore punk track, mosh parts and all, however Martella's only lyrics are "Verruckt / Don't lose your head" and "Caleb Thomas Schwab / Son of a Kansas lawmaker" repeated several times. Whether or not you believe a band of teenage punks should be offering witty commentary on a freak waterpark death that spawned a national media frenzy, they did it anyway.

Listen to and download "CS3" below.

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