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Hometown Highlights: Sons Of Mourning, Riley, Alccalh + more

It's been a moment, but Hometown Highlights is back in action. This update features a new stoner metal band, solo work -- acoustic and electronic, and updates from Kansas City hip-hop and punk. Here's to 2017 full of excellent local music!

Sons Of Mourning - "S.O.M."
Kansas City's newest doom metal trio just dropped their first demo. Black Sabbath had an early song titled "Black Sabbath," so the young group decided to take a hint and include "S.O.M." on their debut release. The track nears six minutes in length, beginning at a galloping pace, before slowly devolving into a murky abyss.

BB Eye - "Texas Chainsaw Mascara"
St. Louis' one man punk institution Martin Meyer is back with Kansas City's Olivia Gibb for more BB Eye. The pair with a passion for power tools has released a 7" record and one of its songs is "Texas Chainsaw Mascara." Who knew that such zany, robotic punk tunes could be so catchy? Well, Devo did, but also BB Eye.

Rory Fresco - "Last Supper" (ft. Justend)
Local teenager and Epic Records signee Rory Fresco released a small handful of tracks to his SoundCloud in the first two weeks of 2017, but the only one that remains available is "Last Supper." The song -- a collaboration with Long Island, NY vocalist Justend -- was originally released as a part of the duo's EP of the same name early on in 2016, before Fresco's rise to national notoriety. The slow, spacey cut proved to be prophetic in nature, foretelling Fresco's success and ability to feed the family.

Riley - "Just A Pastime (Remix)" (ft. Larry June)
Riley cemented himself as the hood's favorite stoner rapper in 2016. After serving up handfuls of hot tracks in 2016, Riley reflects on his time serving up dope on a remix of the lush "Just A Pastime." Bay Area rising star Larry June jumps in to assist.

Hungry Foxes - "Melt"
Hanna Albina may be the yang to Alice Ryan's yin. Ryan's dispatches as Dead Dads Club are released regularly in a style that could be described as stream of conscience. Albina's Hungry Foxes compositions are equally compelling, but released one at a time over several months and given room to breathe. "Melt" is her most recent single, an anxiety-ridden love song about redemption that grows with every listen.

Kye Colors - "Midas"
Kye Colors is back with more hip-hop alchemy. While the date for his next project always seems to be moving, Colors is keeping his followers engaged with a growing line of singles. "Midas" features a more simplistic beat than many of Colors' drops, letting the young emcee focus on storytelling and keeping the rest of Kansas City's hip-hop scene on its toes.

Gee Watts - "I Still Love HER"
Penned on New Year's Eve, "I Still Love HER" features Kansas City's Gee Watts rapping as though the last year of his life is flashing before his eyes. Watts covers run-ins with law enforcement, his progression in the rap game, and interpersonal relationships one after the other over a soulful piano track. If this is only a peek into the experiences he'll be drawing from, his "Caviart" album will be massive.

Alccalh - "Intersectionality"
Lawrence producer Alex Calhoun spent countless hours last year building with his Vivid Zebra crew. He provided the instrumentals for entire projects by Tione and Ricky Roosevelt and rocking several shows with them. As the new year begins, Calhoun is taking a breather to drop a solo track called "Intersectionality."

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