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Hometown Highlights: Primitive Future, Dev3n, Lil Digital + more

You all look like you could use some new music right now, huh? Hear tracks from seasoned local emcees, hardcore kids making death metal, and more on this edition of Hometown Highlights.

Primitive Future - "Sadistic King"
Kansas City hardcore's musical dominance is creeping into other subgenres. Keef Mountain and Inner Altar have taken the stoner metal crowd by storm. Now, Primitive Future is here to stake their claim among local death metal bands. The band is made up of three members of Blindside USA along with Dillon Bendetti of Keef Mountain, Inner Altar, and Spine. "Sadistic King" is Primitive Future's jarring debut single that allows them to wear their love of late 80's/early 90's death metal on their sleeves.

Dev3n - "Paseo Pues"
If any Kansas City rapper were to get signed to TDE's slowly expanding roster, it very well could be Dev3n. The emcee's new EP "EPHNY" is a reflective piece of art that is full of subtleties and not reliant on over-the-top choruses. Through stripped-down production and top-notch storytelling, "Paseo Pues" sees Dev3n at his liveliest -- and most versatile flow-wise. Dev3n is something of a hidden gem in the city and is most likely your favorite local rapper's favorite local rapper.

Gee Watts - "Dipset Raised Me"
Gee Watts is known across the city's underground for deifying himself over ominous beats and rapping about slinging drugs, so some followers may have been surprised by his new song "Dipset Raised Me." Watts pays tribute to the legendary Harlem crew while channeling fellow New York icon Notorious B.I.G. The song echoes the womanizing themes and female call-and-answer vocals of "Hypnotize" while delivering a similar level of smooth, golden era goodness.

Altered Beast - "S.O.S."
Ryan Leach sounds as tormented as any frontman can on "S.O.S." The opening track to the metallic hardcore band's debut vinyl release is a cry for help that covers all the bases it needs to. After opening with about 38 seconds of slow, bone-crushing chugging, the band slams on the gas as Leach spits his lyrics in a venomous, NYHC-reminiscent cadence. The song's final moments include a well-executed mosh part, allowing the song to complete its hardcore triathlon and the EP to continue.

The Xtraordinair$ - "Flow" (ft. Reggie B)
Kansas City production duo The Xtraordinair$ made Shuttlecock's year end list in 2016 with their remarkably smooth LP "X Essential." Leonard Dstroy and Dominque Sanders have quickly returned with a new EP called "Flow" and decided that they shouldn't fix what isn't broken. The project's title track is an R&B cut featuring the buttery crooning of Reggie B and funk-inspired synth lines to match its massive bass grooves.

Lil Digital - "Creep" (ft. Itsoktocry)
As underground hip-hop stars like Lil Peep and his GothBoiClique continue to rise, young rappers inspired by their dark, emotive styles are beginning to release music of their own. Kansas City is home to a new collective called Clipped Wing Club, made up of 10 different rappers and producers listed on their SoundCloud page. Clipped Wing rapper Lil Digital recently released a solo mixtape titled "Haunt Me." Track eight on the mixtape is "Creep," a collaboration with Itsoktocry. Through the intentionally-muffled vocal tracks, Itsoktocry and Digital switch topics from violence, heartbreak, and blunt smoke to focus on one thing: cash.

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