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Photo Gallery: Run The Jewels/The Gaslamp Killer/Gangsta Boo/Cuz Lightyear/Nick Hook at The Midland

Killer Mike and El-P (Run The Jewels)
Critically-acclaimed, politically-charged hip-hop powerhouse duo Run The Jewels returned to Kansas City on Monday night for their most attended show in the area yet. Fresh off the release of their third self-titled album, Killer Mike and El-P were in top form delivering cuts from all three albums and a fair amount of charming banter.

Run The Jewels was preceded by The Gaslamp Killer, a Los Angeles DJ madman who somehow managed to seamlessly fade an 8-bit hip-hop track into Crass' "Banned At The Roxy." St. Louis DJ and producer Nick Hook opened the show. Hook played original tracks he had previously recorded with stars such as Young Thug and 21 Savage and finished his set by pulling an audience member on stage to create a beat with him.

Hook -- who is signed to Fools Gold Records -- also played DJ for quickie sets from Atlanta rapper Cuz Lightyear and Three 6 Mafia member Gangsta Boo. Lightyear's set -- while likely the same length as it was during his last run with RTJ -- felt much sturdier. Several of his songs boasted the now-famous tags of St. Louis producer Metro Boomin'. Boo's set revealed that the veteran emcee, active since the 90's, had not slowed down a bit. Her set consisted mostly of newer tracks, but concluded with her 1998 hit "Where Dem Dollas At!?"

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