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Photo Gallery: Slowdive / Cherry Glazerr at The Truman

Rachel Goswell of Slowdive
Slowdive's Friday night show at The Truman was a dazzling display of beauty and power 25 years in the making. The legendary English shoegaze band last played in Kansas City in 1992 just before the release of its breakout album "Souvlaki" and likely performed to a fraction of the hundreds that attended this show. One third of the band's 90 minute set was made up of songs from its new self-titled record released earlier this year. Another third revolved around cuts from "Souvlaki." Fans rejoiced at the first notes of "Souvlaki Space Station" and other classics, but lesser known tracks blended seamlessly into the setlist and hypnotized even the most casual of fans. As the main set came to a close, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Rachel Goswell remarked that Kansas City had been "bloody marvelous." Her band had been too.

Los Angeles rock band Cherry Glazerr last visited Kansas City less than two months ago for a headlining gig at recordBar. The band's often-chaotic energy was slightly subdued in comparison to it last outing, either in an attempt to not freak out an unfamiliar crowd or just due to time constraints. The songs the band chose for its 45 minute set were more melodic and occasionally showcased a strange brand of off-kilter R&B grooves. A handful of their trademark garage-psych voyages did manage to sneak their way into to the set however, and the band's absurd stage banter was funny as ever.

Full photo gallery here.

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