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Photo Gallery: Cherry Glazerr / Winter at recordBar

Clementine Creepy of Cherry Glazerr
Clementine Creevy resembled a horror movie psych patient as she crawled onto the recordBar stage with a wild-eyed grimace on her face. Unafraid of judgement, Cherry Glazerr's Tuesday night set featured the Los Angeles band engaging in oddball antics and performing a modern style of garage rock full of twists and turns. In addition to the band's unabashed weirdness, which would have fit in perfectly on any 90's-era MTV programming, it is also not afraid of taking risks musically. This element often yields its most perfectly zany rock-n-roll moments, but is occasionally detrimental. Several of the evening's songs meandered a bit too far, possibly just for the sake of doing so. Nevertheless, fans couldn't get enough Glazerr and danced to each song as if the sky was falling. The already-manic energy was kicked into overdrive during an encore performance of "White's Not My Color This Evening." A member of the opening band, Winter, took part in some crowdsurfing and Creevy ended her hourlong battle to keep her dress from falling off her shoulders by yanking it open herself.

Winter, another band of Los Angelenos, began its run with Cherry Glazerr at Tuesday's show. Its members' outfits mirrored those of characters in Clueless, but they possessed much more genial attitudes. The songs played like saccharine dream pop ballads that are equally indebted to 90's alt-rock songwriting styles, allowing attendees to blissfully zone out before being pulled back to Earth with a tempo switch.

Full photo gallery here.

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