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YoungBoy Never Broke Again Concert Review

YoungBoy Never Broke Again
September 18th, 2017
The Granada - Lawrence, KS

NBA YoungBoy
Louisiana's youngest rap star YoungBoy Never Broke Again made his first trip to Kansas on Monday night. The 17 year old's 40 minute performance ebbed and flowed between glorious Midwest debut and distracted flyover state pit stop. YoungBoy is known for his hyper-violent music videos -- featuring countless guns pointed at cameras and occasionally snakes slithering atop those guns -- so his cold, stoic demeanor for most of the set was no surprise. It would almost be disappointing to not see the young rapper gazing into the distance while puffing a blunt between songs. The stage was cluttered with around 20 friends and fans which wasn't a problem itself, but made it more of a task for YoungBoy to interact with fans watching him from the floor.

Many of the evening's most memorable moments, however, were when he broke character, like during a successful but short-lived stage dive and crowd surf combo. YoungBoy also seemed to chuckle as a couple female fans in the front row repeatedly tried to yank at his sagging pants and underwear. The Dirty South's youngest rap star may soon become its youngest sex symbol.

Although these antics provided easy entertainment, nothing was more impressive than YoungBoy's still-unraveling rags to riches story itself. This show, on his very first national tour, was attended by nearly 300 fans despite little to no local radio play. The crowd bounced a long to his latest single "No Smoke" and many rapped "38 Baby" line for line. YoungBoy records and performs his raps with conviction and is looking to add the next chapter to Louisiana's storied hip-hop history. And the kids have taken notice.

Interestingly, YoungBoy's touring support came from Dooley Funny, an internet personality who gained his following in the heyday of Vine. He didn't tell jokes or perform bits, but was a popular enough of a guy to hype up a crowd during a DJ set.

Local support was provided by SuperShaqGonzoe, who after performing his fan favorite "Bounce," handed the mic off to City Watts and Riley for a mini-set that featured recent singles and tracks from "The Murder Tape." Riley's vicious "Shooters" fit the evening's mood perfectly and made it unclear why the opening slot wasn't given to him and Watts outright.

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