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Photo Gallery: Blindside USA / Spine / Kept In Line / Life As One / Time Walk / Altered Beast at El Torreon

Blindside USA
Blindside USA decided to go out on top Saturday night. After nearly three years together -- a lightyear in hardcore time -- the band set up a final show at the historic El Torreon. For the entirety of its thirty minute set, the Blindside crew lit up the newly-renovated space like it was "back in the day." Bodies flew from the stage, friends grabbed the microphone, and the band's grooving, youth crew sound hit the room like a wrecking ball.

The loving crowd of approximately 200 was made up of friends old and new, from near and far. Spine played directly before Blindside. The band is nearly finished recording its Bridge Nine Records LP and delivered a scorching, discography-spanning set. Fellow Kansas Citians Altered Beast were the first to play, briefly before 7 P.M. New tracks were introduced and the songwriting has only improved.

Out-of-town homies from three different cities made the trek and brought their respective A-games as well. Denton's Kept In Line, Oklahoma City's Life As One, and Springfield's Time Walk all lined up to pay their respects and treat Kansas City to one of the most memorable shows of the year.

Full photo gallery here.

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