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Photo Gallery: Guy June & Grimm / Sahvannes at Josey Records

Two Kansas City hip-hop acts took their music to the street on Friday night in the Crossroads district. Avid fans and passers-by alike were treated to an intimate set from Sahvannes on the Josey Records patio. Several tough new tracks from his upcoming tape were debuted, but things stayed lighthearted via two performances of "Jean Michel" along with some other throwbacks as the sun went down.

Guy June and Grimm just arrived on Kansas City's rap scene and let the First Friday crowd sample their music. One of June's tracks was an ode to partying in midtown, while other cuts from the duo revealed traces of horrorcore influence.

Full photo gallery here.


  1. Thanks for the dope write-up!!!

    Don't forget to flow us on Instagram!
    Guy June: @derrickguykauffman
    GRIMM: @ded.grimm


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