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Photo Gallery: Single Mothers / The Runaway Sons / Bummer at recordBar

Drew Thomson of Single Mothers
Canadian quartet Single Mothers made its first visit to Kansas City on Tuesday night for a humble show at recordBar. A few dozen rock fans congregated to see the latest incarnation of the band that has shuffled through at least 16 different members in its nine years. The forty minute set was one that would have benefitted from the barrage of moshers that likely spill onto the front of the stage at larger outings, but that's not something the band could be blamed for. One front row fan picked up the slack by shouting nearly every word back at the band. Vocalist -- and sole constant member -- Drew Thomson's sardonic, tongue-in-cheek lyricism and flamboyant stage presence were front and center throughout the band's performance. Older, more cathartic favorites like "Christian Girls" and "Winter Coats" were trotted out near the end of the set, while "Leash" -- a bluesy slow-burner from the new album -- was a highlight of the earlier portion of the show.

The Runaway Sons, a Kansas City band celebrating its 10 year anniversary, preceded Single Mothers with a set of punk-informed rock-n-roll. While the band worked together well and exerted the most energy of the three on the bill, many of its songs fell flat due to a sheer lack of style and charisma.

The gig was opened by local noise rock freight train Bummer. The sub-30 minute set was the shortest of the night and included multiple tracks from this year's split with Pinko.

Full photo gallery here.


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