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Zarin Micheal - "Fuck You Too" Stream

Kansas City rapper Zarin Micheal just kicked off his sophomore year at the University of Kansas, and while it seemed like he had a quiet summer, it's evident that he kept busy. He released a "reloaded" version of his "Fuck You" EP a few months ago, but little brand new work from Micheal has surfaced this year until now. His new "Fuck You Too" EP is a taste of what's to come.

Each of the EP's three tracks are labeled either "unmixed," "rough," or "snippet" to make it clear to listeners that they aren't hearing a final product yet. That being said, these rough cuts are more ambitious than the most refined material of many artists. "I Got What You Need" features Micheal embarking on flows reminiscent of classic Jay-Z material while haunting, modern production work from Alexander Preston and Fractious Frank take this throwback style to new heights. All three songs cover stretch across many lyrical topics, but closing track "I Don't Know" is one of Micheal's most reflective yet; he echoes Kendrick Lamar's mantra from "Mortal Man" near the track's close.

Stream the "Fuck You Too" EP below.

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