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Photo Gallery: Beyond Peace / Killakee Kat / Anti-Seed / Cough Syrup at Stacy's Place

Beyond Peace
The steely and precise hardcore punk of Iowa's Beyond Peace was received by a small, but eager crowd in the Stacy's Place basement on Sunday night. Midwest hardcore in the 2010s has a tradition of pulling influence from the first dozen Touch & Go Records releases, and Beyond Peace is not looking to break from tradition. Only a few dozen attended the show, many being new faces, but the touring act's stellar 10 minute set did not go unappreciated.

Killakee Kat shares that fondness of the muddy Midwest hardcore of the '80s and complemented Beyond Peace perfectly. Anti-Seed performed its tightest set so far and half of its lineup opened the show as a new duo called Cough Syrup.

Full photo gallery here.

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