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Photo Gallery: Nap Eyes / She-Devils / Heidi Lynne Gluck at Love Garden Sounds

Nap Eyes. Photo by Jacob Schermerhorn.
Haliax indie rock outfit Nap Eyes brought a charming and mellow show to Love Garden Sound on April 8. The group performed several songs from their new album "I'm Bad Now," released back in March. Guitarist Brad Loughead brought with him strong guitar solos that impressed the crowd and offered escapes from the band's highly laid back sound 

Montreal's She-Devils kept things strange with intense beats by Kyle Jukka joined with the stoic singing performance by lead singer Audrey Ann. Lawrence local Heidi Lynne Gluck provided a fun and stress-free set featuring songs from her new album as well as a chilled-out cover of "Surrender."

Full photo gallery here.

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