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Live This Week: July 22nd - 28th, 2018

As you may know, we curate a very frequently updated local show list on the site, but if you need a quick look at the week's shows you can just check the homepage on Sunday mornings to see all the best shows laid out nice and tidy for you. Have a good week, see you at the gig!

Contact Grid w/ Holy Order, Liquid Swords, Devil's Den, and Contrast
July 22nd @ Revolution Records (KC)
All Ages - 7pm - $8

MB58 w/ Dwalk and Dame
July 22nd @ The 10 Spot (KC)
18+ - 9pm - Free before 10pm

Kuttybear w/ Sauce
July 22nd @ The Riot Room (KC)

Mirror Mirror w/ Conductor and Burnt
July 22nd @ Kum-N-Go (KC)
All Ages - 8pm

Black Milk & Nat Turner Band w/ Shawn Majors, The Royal Chief, T. Hudson, J. Rich, and Van Ghost
July 23rd @ The Riot Room (KC)

Sworn Enemy w/ Thy Will Be Done and Choppin' Block
July 23rd @ The Riot Room (KC)

Shania Twain
July 24th @ Sprint Center (KC)

Payge Turner w/ The Black Creatures
July 24th @ Voltaire (KC)
9pm - $5 - 21+

Tights w/ Maddie Razook, Unforgiven Five, and Scammers
July 24th @ Kum-N-Go (KC)
All Ages - 8pm

Nature Boys w/ Lindseys and Hard Feelings
July 24th @ Revolution Records (KC)
$5 - All Ages - 8pm

Lemuria w/ Katie Ellen and Dusk
July 25th @ recordBar (KC)

Diners w/ Robe Rage, Dead Dads Club, and Ex Brain
July 25th @ Roller Dog (KC)
All Ages - 9pm

Katy Guillen & The Girls w/ Hi-Lux
July 25th @ Mills Record Company (KC)
All Ages - Free - 6pm

Via Luna w/ Vasudeva and Le Grand
July 26th @ The Rino (North KC)
7pm - $5 - 18+

FK Menace w/ Oblivinati, LS810, Fuegoh, No$kope, and Gold Child
July 26th @ The Riot Room (KC)
7pm - 21+

Buzz Beach Ball (ft. The Get Up Kids + more)
July 27th @ Providence Medical Center Amphitheater (Bonner Springs)

Closet Goth w/ Dead Dads Club and Fraydee Cat
July 27th @ Roller Dog (KC)
All Ages - 8pm - $5-7

Cholera w/ The Bad Ideas, Dead Ends, Liberosis, Since Nulius, Twin Towers, and Liquid Filth
July 27th @ Location by request (KC)
7pm - All Ages - Donation

Yogi Bogi w/ Chess Club, Hmph!, and Ex Brain
July 27th @ Records With Merritt (KC)
7pm - $5 - All Ages

Existem w/ Orphans Of Doom, Snakehound, and A Light Within
July 27th @ The Riot Room (KC)

Pono AM w/ Drugs & Attics
July 27th @ Voltaire (KC)
21+ - 11pm - $5
Bryce Eiman w/ M15h4p, Twin Towers, Faint Glow, Cholera, and Ragk
July 28th @ Punker Bunker (KC)
9pm - All Ages - $5

Libations w/ Khasmin, Idle Threat, and Cuddle Puddle
July 28th @ The Rino (North KC
7pm - 18+ - $5

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