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Photo Gallery: Celebration / Artorias / iFone XXX at Punker Bunker

Punker Bunker's June 15 lineup offered four different flavors of underground rock music by bands from three different cities. At a time where Kansas City's screamo scene is very slowly beginning to repopulate, Columbia, Missouri's Celebration always receives a warm welcome. The band's emotive hardcore allowed for fans to look back nostalgically at every miserable Midwestern summer night they've experienced and bang their heads about it.

Davenport, Iowa's Artorias preceded Celebration. The quartet's gnarled and crusty grindcore lived up to the standards set by similar bands; their set was closer to 5 minutes than 10. Somehow, the dissonance blaring from the basement didn't ruffle the feathers of any neighbors.

The night was opened with the first set from Kansas City punks iFone XXX and closed out by Liquid Swords.

Full photo gallery here.

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