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Photo Gallery: CupcakKe / Brooke Candy at The Riot Room

CupcakKe is only 21 years old, but the Chicago rapper is already one of hip-hop's foremost sex positive stars. Her first performance in Kansas City occurred on the Riot Room's patio after midnight on June 15. The set lasted only half-an-hour before she declared that she was "on her way back to the hotel to suck some dick," but CupcakKe only needed that long to utterly thrill her fans. The joyous screams of those fans often overpowered the sound of the instrumentals as CupcakKe jumped into each song. Renditions of "Spider-Man Dick," "Deepthroat," "Duck Duck Goose," and other outrageous sex raps solidified the night as an unrated Pride month highlight.

Before an hour-long drag show courtesy of Springfield's Get Dusted crew, California rapper Brooke Candy took the stage donning a custom mask that landed somewhere between gimp and luchador. Her set previewed aggressive, punk- and industrial-inspired raps from her upcoming sophomore EP, "Who Cares" -- her first release since 2014 and her departure from RCA Records.

Full photo gallery here.

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