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Photo Gallery: Special Interest / Edhochuli / The Reptilian / Prüde / Burnt at Awful House

Alli Logout of Special Interest
Despite a valiant effort by the show's promoters, only a couple dozen dedicated rock fans stuck around and huddled up to watch the Kansas City debut of New Orleans quartet Special Interest. This June 9 show had been combined with The Reptilian's final tour stop, and while the show was successful in pulling in plenty of people, many peeled off after the screamo tour package's conclusion. The after-midnight crowd that did catch Special Interest was, however, in for a treat. The band's no wave-style synth punk, militant pro-black messaging, and intense stage presence instantly stole the hearts of every punk in attendance. The music is dissimilar to the majority of the American DIY touring circuit, so understandably, most fans didn't know quite how to react to it. Some attempted to slam dance to the barrage of off-kilter, electronic drum beats, while others merely flopped around on the warehouse floor. Luckily, vocalist Alli Logout took most of the action into their own hands, aggressively strutting through the crowd and howling from atop the venue's tire swing.

In trying to explain the music of Edhochuli before the Pittsburgh band's set, one fan called them "the Thin Lizzy of American screamo." That comparison ignores several of the group's nuances and dynamics, but the classic rock guitar licks inserted between its chaotic blasts of rhythm and unbridled energy proved it to be a fair one.

Kansas City has been a regular stop on The Reptilian's tours for the better part of the last decade. The band's members thanked several friends from the area by name shortly after beginning a set that consisted of equal parts loud, mathy screamo music and knowing smiles shared with all the friends they'd made along the way.

Prüde's set ended the evening's festivities well after midnight. The only folks who stuck around were already acquainted with the group's pouty hardcore punk. Some danced along, many were too fatigued, but the set was no less satisfying because of that.

The city's punk scene is still adjusting to Burnt. Its members are familiar with the phenomenon of Midwest punk, but use the style only as a blueprint to create a more adventurous sound. The only band that comes to mind when trying to parse their possible influences locally is Nature Boys. Burnt's set this night was one of their most aggressive yet and featured vocalist/guitarist Ellis briefly ditching his instrument to swagger about and drop to his knees as he conjured his throaty shouts.

Full photo gallery here.

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