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Premiere: Daniel Gum - "In The Worst Ways" Music Video

Daniel Gum. Photo by Quinn Hernandez.
Today, I'm excited to share with you the premiere of Daniel Gum's latest music video for his song "In The Worst Ways." The video, directed by his older brother Bryan illustrates the helpless, often futile feelings of regret that Daniel expresses in the song through long shots of a lone soul running down an empty desert road in the American Southwest.


A note from Daniel about "In The Worst Ways" and its video:


"After giving my family the final masters from my new album, my brother Bryan let me know that he’d love to make a video for one of the songs. In late September, after months and months of COVID isolation and a hard year for our family, Bryan took a solo road trip all around the Southwest, bringing some camping gear and a drone along with him. Although I always saw the song as very blue and Midwestern, Bryan connected with the arid, sun-burnt backbone of the song. It seems my brother picked up on the western attitude of the chorus:

'No one needs to know / I did it on my own'

Although I have veered away from prescriptive messaging in my lyrics, I think with that plain confession I was trying to remind myself, 'don’t be a cowboy.' No good comes from repression and masochism. It’s a funny thought. For those who know me, I am no cowboy—too interested in self expression and divulging my honest feelings—but I still need the reminder.

Really grateful to be able to collaborate with my brother on something like this and grateful for art’s ability to continually shift my perspective (even when it’s my own song).

Also, the pedal steel didn’t hurt with the western vibe either."


Watch the video below and purchase a copy of Daniel Gum's new album, Thirteen, on Bandcamp (out now via Manor Records).


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