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Laaee Uzumak! - "Yes!"

Laaee Uzumak! Video directed by Souped Up.
If any of you reading this knew about Laaee Uzumak! last year and decided not to tell me about her, we have beef now. Following her first two tracks in 2020, the Kansas City rapper released her latest, "Yes!" on Sunday with a music video that plays like a fairy tale nightmare. Over a late era cloud rap beat, Laaee (pronounced "lah-ee") dispenses mischievous rhymes with a deadpan glare and a hypnotic monotone that would be straight up unsettling if they weren't in the context of a hip-hop song. (It might still be a little unsettling. Don't watch this before bed, maybe.)

There are multiple lines on "Yes!" that will be living rent-free in my brain for the foreseeable future. One of those: "Had to stop sucking dick 'cause I serve neck like a Pez." Another one: "White n****s chasing me like I was Daphne, he was Fred / N****s love my personality, keep it G, I want some head." And as if that wasn't enough: "I don't swallow semen, only fuck fellow demons / He said spitters are quitters, let me put my two weeks in." How have you not hit play yet?

Watch the music video below.

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