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Taeskii2x - "Peak" (ft. Aaron Knight)

Taeskii2x. Photo by Gretzky.

I can say with a fair level of confidence that I have my finger on the pulse in regards to new music in Kansas City and Lawrence. I cannot say the same for Topeka, but what I can say is that Taeskii2x is my favorite new artist I've come across from Top City in the last year. His debut project, 2x, came out this past August. Not every song on 2x is a winner, but when Taeskii hits, he hits. 


I'm sharing with you my favorite from the project, "Peak," on which Taeskii raps about shooting for the stars as he keeps a watchful eye on the streets. Aaron Knight's guest verse near the song's end doubles down on Taeskii's melodic delivery, adds some extra character, and capitalizes on the tough and buoyant acoustic guitar beat that came courtesy of fellow Topekan 1L. I would also recommend to you one of the project's singles, "No Regret," which has a music video and a fully acoustic bonus version that is also worthwhile.

Listen to "Peak" below.


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