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Words and Photos: Extinction A.D. at 7th Heaven

Extinction A.D. at 7th Heaven. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
Date: January 15, 2022

7th Heaven - Kansas City, MO

The odds were already stacked against Extinction A.D. going into Saturday evening's gig. The COVID Omicron wave had not yet finished passing through Kansas City, leaving roughly half of everyone I know ill at some point in the last month. To make matters worse, Saturday morning saw the most significant levels of snowfall across the metro so far this season (the National Weather Service measured four inches at the Plaza). Despite the fact that most thoroughfares and highways were clear by the afternoon, local metalheads decided this gig wasn't worth the risk. Opening act Sarin Reaper also had to drop off due to non-COVID illness the day of the show.


Seven people (including myself and the sound person) watched the Long Island, New York crossover thrash warriors kick out a killer half-hour set, balancing heavy metal flamboyance with hardcore muscle. The band performed with the same vigor I suspect they'll be playing with as they open a month-long run with Cattle Decapitation and Creeping Death starting later this week. The set included material from the band's 2018 LP, Decimation Treaty, last year's EP, CCCP, and unreleased music from a new record set to be announced soon. Vocalist/guitarist Rick Jimenez made friendly small talk in between songs, discussing the band's past visits to our town and thanked the modest crowd for the support. (I let them know afterwards that I could all but guarantee a better turnout next time around.)

[This show was booked and presented by Shuttlecock.]

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