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Words and Photos: Portrayal Of Guilt / Yautja / Bummer / Abandoncy at recordBar

Portrayal Of Guilt. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
Date: May 16, 2022

recordBar - Kansas City, MO

I do my best to keep from inserting myself in show write-ups unless it's a show that I worked on, but I feel like I don't have much choice as I reflect on last night's gig. All four bands played solid sets, but there wasn't ever one moment that thrilled me more than the last. I can often have a great time at a show with very few people attending (some people I know seem to only have a blast when a room is packed), but perhaps there did need to be more than the 50-to-75-ish crowd members to keep this Monday night from feeling a little sleepy. With sounds as grim and chaotic as those offered by Portrayal Of Guilt, Yautja, Bummer, and Abandoncy, two or three lone full-body headbangers and rogue moshers were all Kansas City could offer. As I said before, all four thirty-minute sets occurred without any issue (besides when Abandoncy's Damian Fisher broke two guitar strings on one song and I coaxed drummer Morgan Greenwood and bassist Lincoln Peterson into telling jokes to the crowd while Fisher was finding a replacement guitar). It just wasn't my night I suppose.

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