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AGENT - "Demo-2016" Stream

AGENT at Gacy's Place
One year ago next week, No Master officially called it quits. For approximately seven years they were the undisputed top dogs of d-beat punk in Kansas City. Their nihilistic, war-centric lyrics, screaming riffs and grooves, and relentlessly pounding drums could whip any punk venue in America into a frenzy. Shortly after No Master's reign came to a close, vocalist Devin McKernan and drummer David Kupsch recruited a few friends and AGENT was born.

The seven minutes of raw punk madness that unfolds on the band's demo has already cemented itself as the most menacing hometown release of the year and one that can set off any show when played live. One enticing feature of the release is getting to hear veteran crust guitarist Frank Peters (of Ignis Gratis -- f.k.a. Vomit Assault) jamming alongside Jonah Hamilton (vocalist of Rat Bastard) who previously had not played an instrument in a band before. While the last generation of Kansas City punkers will miss being able to scream "Ruthless Future" along with No Master, there's no denying that AGENT is doing a fine job of filling that studded hole that was left in everyone's heart. File this one under "demos that could've gone straight to vinyl."

Stream and download "Demo-2016" below and buy it on cassette at a show.

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