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Arc Flash - "Carbon Copy" Stream

Arc Flash last year at Pirate House
For those following rock music in Lawrence, Kansas, Arc Flash needs no introduction. Uninformed listeners should know that Arc Flash is one of the most prolific groups to emerge from the college town in the past several years. Following a split with Ex-Specter and the "Black Market Time Tech" EP, High Dive Records and Whatever Forever have teamed up to release "Carbon Copy."

The band's math-informed fusion of psychedelic and punk rock sounds true as ever to its self-coined subgenre -- "space punk." Opening track "Sync" grabs fans and sucks them into a wormhole for a healthy dose of deep space jamming. Jamming is one thing James Thomblinson (guitar/vocals) and Mark Osman (drums) are king at. At live performances it's often hard to determine where a song ends and a jam begins; nobody in attendance ever seems to be bothered by that.

Songs like "Sync" feature reverb-laden moments of psych bliss. Tracks like "Titan," on the other hand, show Thomblinson ripping away with Bad Brains levels of velocity. Arc Flash may not have a truly pissed off sound that many of its Kansas City counterparts do, but that makes them no less exciting to witness. "Carbon Copy" is a record several years in the making that should make Lawrence rockers and townies alike proud to be from LFK.

Stream or buy "Carbon Copy" below.

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