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Premiere: Dettsa - "Tough Luck"

Dettsa performing at last year's IndyFest all ages show
Dettsa's last single (the massively under-appreciated "Uber Thru The Hills") dropped four months ago. Since then he has popped up twice locally to perform with Rory Fresco and continued work on new music. On his new single "Tough Luck," Dettsa has assembled a dream team very similar to one from his last. The song was produced by Judge, mixed by Rory Fresco, and mastered by Bam Keith.

"Tough Luck" paints a portrait of a young rapper preparing to ascend to stardom. Early verses on the track include lines about flying overseas and piloting expensive cars. Further into the track, Dettsa takes aim at all naysayers he's acquired so far, noting that he'll soon be the one laughing to the bank. All this time, Dettsa's lightly filtered vocals are glowing like a neon sign over the track's lush, nocturnal production.

Before repeating a hook from earlier in the track one last time, the track winds down with what has become something of a catchphrase for Dettsa -- "Dettsa, Dettsa, baby / I've been goin' crazy / Alive from the nineties / Doing drugs from the eighties." This bit was used in a previous song and his Kansas City Star freestyle, but echoing background vocals from Rory Fresco give it a special flair this time around.

Just like on "Uber," Dettsa out-raps your favorite rappers and does it in style.

Listen to "Tough Luck" below.

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