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Photo Gallery: Big Huge / Arc Flash / Killakee Kat / Dead Dads Club at Kum-N-Go

Big Huge. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
New York rock-n-roll quintet Big Huge can write a damn song. Their glammed-out, seventies-style powerpop could easily be overlooked if they couldn't, but in a few short years they've mastered both the burning heart ballad and straight ahead punk jam alike. Their July 11 gig at Kum-N-Go only attracted two or three dozen fans, but their tight, passionate playing was worthy of at least a small theater full of headbangers. Vocalist Dan Reg crooned away, larger than life, and their band held not one weak link. Also admirable were the band's crisp, precise tones and the fact that its members, without a third party engineer, crafted the most pristine-sounding set the basement had likely ever hosted.

Arc Flash drove in from Lawrence to play one of its first Kansas City sets with new drummer Nick Fredrickson. The set was plagued with unwelcome feedback, and Fredrickson's chemistry with guitarist/vocalist James Thomblison was not yet where it needed to be. Nonetheless, Thomblison's unique way of letting lyrics spill from his mouth, along with his inventive loop pedal capabilities, made the performance worthwhile still.

Killakee Kat was added to the show only a day prior. One song during their set was aborted and not every transition was liquid, but the amount of raw energy being kicked out kept things plenty exciting. After roughly two years of The Drippies being prioritized, Killakee Kat's dizzying compositions were finally getting a moment in the sun during a summer full of hot local gigs and a two week tour of the East Coast and South.

Dead Dads Club closed the evening out on a calmer note with a full band set that featured bandleader Alice Ryan's most confident vocal performance yet.

Full photo gallery here.

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