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Photo Gallery: DeeDee Catpiss & The Fuzz Coffins / Waterproof / Unforgiven Five at Kum-N-Go

DeeDee Catpiss & The Fuzz Coffins. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
Announced less than two weeks before it arrived, Hattiesburg, Mississippi punks DeeDee Catpiss & The Fuzz Coffins played their second Kansas City gig of the year on July 6. Those without a Maximum Rocknroll subscription may not know it, but the Hattiesburg scene is currently a veritable hotbed for off-the-wall punk bands. DeeDee and their Coffins shredded through a short set of bite-sized garage punk tunes that gleefully contrasted their witty, cartoonish sound with the more intense punk topics of hating both cops and landlords. DeeDee also threw in a few mini-solos for good measure.

St. Louis trio Waterproof opened the show with an even shorter set, combining pop charm and wiry, Minutemen-esque tones. Unforgiven Five closed out the show, fiery and calculated as ever. All in all, only a couple dozen made it out and the show took place in less than 90 minutes, but a fun and intimate 90 minutes it was nonetheless.

Full photo gallery here.

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