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Flock - All I See Is You

Flock at Replay Lounge. Photo by Nell Schmidt.

Grunge, much like punk rock, only really works when it's at least a little bit ugly. Many revivalists of the sound may buy the right gear and write similarly moody songs, but they often miss the mark because no part of their music is really, truly ugly. And while Flock's debut EP, All I See Is You, doesn't sound like it was ripped from some dusty old four-track cassette, the grit is plain as day.

In these four songs over roughly 10 minutes, the members of this Lawrence, Kansas duo show themselves to be well-versed in loud '90s rock music and mark themselves as potential torchbearers for the sound. The first two tracks are love songs that employ soft-loud dynamics through moody bridge work and raging, throat-shredding choruses. "I Dream Of You" is a straightforward number about dreams of rockstardom -- something most independent rock musicians are too afraid to discuss even when the microphone is off. Lastly, there's "Lush," a mean, visceral tale of power and lust that could make a Wonder Fair employee cry. I don't know much about this band yet, but I know this one of the year's strongest releases from the college thus far.

Stream and purchase the EP below.

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