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Words and Photos: Piss Kinks / Baby Soup / Modge at Pussy Palace

Piss Kinks at Pussy Palace. Photo by Aaron Rhodes.
Date: February 12, 2022

Pussy Palace - Kansas City, MO

Saturday night's free all ages, all-locals rock gig at Pussy Palace saw dozens of teens and twenty-somethings crammed into the basement of this popular new house venue. First and foremost, a tip of the hat to Tate, the drummer of Piss Kinks and Modge and the bassist/vocalist of Baby Soup who pulled triple duty last night. Piss Kinks played a set of their hardcore punk fusion and aside from the fact that it was their first or second set with new bassist Judah, it was essentially the same deal as their debut performance opening up for Liquids in December. That being said, I could probably watch a set similar to this a dozen more times without getting bored with it. The energy this band brings is explosive.

Near the end of Baby Soup's set (this was the release show for their debut cassette), Tate announced that this would be their final show. I know some bands like to joke about this, but they seemed serious enough when they said it, plus an Instagram post today seemed to confirm this. That being said, I'm glad I was able to catch them for the first and last time. The band's style is tough to pin down, but their songs (some only two or three minutes, others four or six) incorporated elements of punk, grunge, and noise rock with creepy gothic aesthetics (some of Tate's vocals came in just above a whisper). What the band lacked in songwriting (though they are superior to the songs of many other young performers), they made up for in their distinctively eerie style.


I arrived a bit late to Modge's opening set (they run a tight ship at the Palace), but what I caught included an enjoyable mix of emo, grunge, pop-punk, and indie rock, plus a My Chemical Romance cover to boot (unless frontperson Mario was joking about that -- I don't know the MCR discography like I should).

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