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An Interview With Tidecruz

Tidecruz is an ambient musician and videographer from the Kansas City area. He is constantly releasing music through his Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages, including ten LP's and EP's in 2015 alone. Tidecruz's calm, melancholy soundscapes along with his curious music videos have allowed him to grow a small, yet loyal online following comparable to the TeamSesh production group (notable for their work with Los Angeles rapper Bones) on a smaller scale. Many songs are based in the quieter side of electronic music, but soft vocals and acoustic guitar are often added to tie the songs together.

His online presence, as fruitful as it is, remains fairly anonymous, containing hardly any personal information (his name is Joe). Like any journalist would, I set out to find answers. When I spoke with him briefly and sent him some questions to answer, they were quickly returned, all in the format of haikus. Learn what you can from our brief dialogue and take a dive into Tidecruz's massive catalog.

What's your name, where are you from, and how old are you? i am twenty one. from a land close by, i am my name, ive forgotten How did you choose the name Tidecruz? the beaten path, away this boy floats in lake waters always different, he How long have you been making music and how did you start? only a few years, but played guitar forever, now recording, i What are the main influences behind your sound? sunshine daydream, a hint of light thru my blinds in my hands god flows How does your album artwork tie in with the music? my art is of this endless moment that is now i meerly show you Which other musicians do you look up to? i am all others all others are me, you see writing songs to, self What types of instruments/tools/software are you using to make your music? the weaver of sound, unbounded by all limits everything sings now You release lots of music in short periods of time. Are you afraid this makes you hard to keep up with? it hurts me to not must channel the sounds inside else, why are they there? You also have more music videos than anyone locally. How important are those to the process and how do they come about? moments looped, forever video, but a portal they film themselves, alive Have you ever explored the possibility of performing live? who wants to see me i just want to channel sound as much as i can How about producing for rappers? i only seek her to sing with me forever i hope to meet her What goals do you have for 2016? travel to the place my heart tells me so, and then again and again Any last words or shoutouts? it's hard to be what they want you to be, when you see yourself as they see you.

Find Tidecruz on Bandcamp, YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter

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