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Beta Boys - "Real Rockers" Stream

Beta Boys at Gacy's Place
Two years after their demo, the long awaited Beta Boys EP has arrived online. Formed as his former group Nuke Cult came to an end, vocalist Trevor McCarthy and his band of freaks have mastered the art of the Midwest hardcore punk record. Nearly a month after Spine, the top dogs of Kansas City's heavier hardcore scene released their newest EP, Beta Boys have upped the ante for the snotty punk rock side of town.

And let me tell you, this thing is a wild ride; from the sneer of, "We're the Beta Boooooys," on the first track, to the obviously lifted Cock Sparrer riff on "Kreep City Strut," it is clear that the Beta Boys don't give a fuck and are the best at not giving a fuck. The six tracks on "Real Rockers" would surely make punk rock legend and album cover focus Darby Crash proud. Even with the recent lineup changes, the group seems ready to soldier on and keep rocking for us all (unless you're alpha).

See them with Gag on Feb. 18th at The Kompound house. Buy the MP3s on their Bandcamp page or the vinyl version from Eat The Life or Lumpy Records later this year.

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