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Shuttlecast Ep. 1: SuperShaqGonzoe, Beta Boys, Ravenna Golden + More

There isn't enough time in the day to write about every exciting song that gets released in Kansas City or Lawrence, so we decided to make Shuttlecast: the official podcast of SHUTTLECOCK Music Magazine, bringing you all the local songs you need to hear.

I'm not sure how often the Shuttlecast will be yet (depending on demand and time restraints), but expect them on either a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. In episode one we are bringing you some of the most turnt up rap music put out in the last year, some of the wildest KC punk and hardcore songs, and a few other eclectic picks.

We hope you enjoy episode one, it'll only get better from here. Follow us on SoundCloud for all future broadcasts as well as our exclusive artist-made playlists.


Shuttlecast Theme: Bennett Weaver - Kansas City (A Blues Song)
Izzy - Want More (ft. J-Tone and WontoN)
Kye Colors - Sweet Chin Music
SuperShaqGonzoe - Bounce
The Drippies - Bad Boy
Beta Boys - Real Rockers
Spine - M.M.S.
Ravenna Golden - Casino Girls
Deaton Chris Anthony - B Bae B
Eric Griffin Jr. - Claws
The Conquerors - You Must Be Dreaming

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