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Pick 6 with Tanner Spreer of Psychic Heat

Psychic Heat
Psychic Heat are a Lawrence, Kansas psych rock quartet. The group released their debut EP in 2013 and re-released it with live versions on the B-side last year. Their upcoming LP "Sunshower" is getting some of the best treatment a local rock release can get: a High Dive Records stamp of approval and a mixing/mastering job by former Flaming Lips drummer Kliph Scurlock. The band's grooving, mature brand of psychedelic rock will be reaching many new ears in 2016 and those ears will not likely be let down.

To celebrate the upcoming release, guitarist and vocalist Tanner Spreer put together a SHUTTLECOCK exclusive six song playlist. Listen to it and read about how to properly enjoy each song through Spreer's descriptions.

1. "Bunker Buster" by Viet Cong
Evan pulled me into his room one night to show me this. It was before Viet Cong (formerly Women) had come to fruition. What an incredible intro! They lost their guitarist to heart complications during his sleep. I can't imagine something like that happening...and to keep making music in his honor. Totally awesome. Listen when you're tired of 4/4.

2. "Uncast Shadow Of A Southern Myth" by Parkay Quarts
I use to think Parkay Quarts (Parquet Courts) were garbage. Two ways to spell your band name? C'maahhn. My buddy Ben sat me down with the album and liner notes of "Light Up Gold" and it finally snapped: this band is incredible. Wonderfully pretentious lyrics and beautifully crafted punk album covers by Andrew Savage. This is an old Teenage Cool Kids song (former Savage band) that was re-purposed for "Content Nausea." Listen when you've been feeling depressed and it's time to take on life again.

3. "Silver Timothy" by Damien Jurado
Another Jagjaguwar artist. Introduced to me by Taylor Holenbeck (Heartscape Landbreak, Hospital Ships, Des Ark). A nice haunting track with twisting psychedelic tendencies. Listen when you feel heavy, it''ll make you lighter.

4. "Turned Out" by Thee Oh Sees
This is the absolute definition of a banger on an album. I had the privilege to hear this live before Mutilator came out and I remember yelling, "Holy shit," over and over with a huge grin on my face. Listen while you clean your room, then keep listening to Thee Oh Sees.

5. "Melted Rope" by Wand
Ty Segall was wearing a Wand t-shirt when he played Austin Psych Fest with Fuzz. I do the art/design for Psychic Heat and I thought it was one of the freshest tees I had seen in a while, which in hindsight is a funny way to discover new music. This track is a great throwback to the '70's space rock ballad. Chris Woodhouse (producer/engineer) did an amazing job with the direction of the sound. Roast a fatty dank dank with this one.

6. "Divinations" by Mastodon
A metal band? What? That's right, fuck you! Don't be a dangus, try to appreciate and find something to love in all types of music. Brent Hinds is a fine guitarist and it really shows in this track. He comes from a chicken-picking psychobilly background (Fiend Without A Face) and decided to write a metal song around a banjo lick (sick tight). One of my favorite guitar solos ever. Listen to it when you're floating through time/space because your spiritual umbilical cord split and you have to use Rasputin's soul to return to your crippled body in the physical realm. Seriously, this is what this album's about.


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