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Powers & Light - "Demo MMXVI" Stream

Teeple playing with The Fog. Photo by Scott Munroe.
One release that flew under the radar last month was the demo from Powers & Light. Powers & Light is a noisy-as-all-hell rock duo from Kansas City, Missouri. Ian Teeple (of The Fog and Warm Bodies) is responsible for vocals, bass guitar, and the humorous Skeletor samples. Max Crutcher (of Sneaky Creeps) is drumming and also providing vocals.

The six track demo offers song after song of pounding drums, distorted bass, and anguished vocals. While a majority of their songs are quick and too the point (averaging around two minutes), "Powers Of Mind" clocks in at 4:02 and includes a nice amount of psychedelic jamming and riffing from the two. Next time you're in the mood for Death From Above 1979 and don't mind a little (or quite a lot)  feedback, give Powers & Light a shot.

Stream the demo below and catch them live Feb. 13th at FOKL and Mar. 16th at The Brick.

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