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BLKFLANL - "BLKFLANL II: For The Imperfect, For The Diligent" Stream

BLKFLANL is a hip-hop duo from Kansas City, MO. Producer Conductor Williams (f.k.a. D/Will) is a veteran of the Kansas City hip-hop scene, having worked with Les Izmore in Heartfelt Anarchy as well as many other ventures. Rapper Barrel Maker released an EP with producer LION last year and while he hasn't been releasing his own music for too long, it is evident that he has been perfecting his craft for years.

On "BLKFLANL II" Williams and Barrel Maker show only more growth as a team after a solid debut LP in 2015 and an enticing follow-up EP earlier this year. The opening track creates a sinister tone (Earl Sweatshirt's recent releases come to mind) through it's incredible, solitary verse. "BLKFLANL II" also does Kansas City a favor by oozing civic pride without the corniness that ensues when other artists take a shot at it. "Levy" is a song loaded with instrumental and lyrical highlights including a verse from esteemed Los Angeles emcee Blu. Multiple tracks on the album use samples of television election coverage. Paired with the album's piano melodies and boom-bap drums, the samples create an eery vibe that illustrate the post-Obama and pre-Trump or Clinton purgatory that America is currently trapped in. "BLKFLANL II" skips the flavor of the month hip-hop that many current acts aim for, instead opting for a mature, '90's-loving style that any fan of the genre's classics can enjoy.

Stream the album below and purchase it on iTunes.

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