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Narc Parade - "Demo" Stream

Narc Parade at The Snake Tank
The Kompound boys are back yet again with another new punk band. Narc Parade is the musical debut of vocalist Jacob Martella, backed familiar characters Jack Marsh, Bennett Weaver, and Austin Fetterolf. The band played their first show earlier this month with Violence Creeps (while still named Carbomb), followed by a show with La Urss. The band opted to drive to St. Louis for a weekend and to quickly bang out this tape, as opposed to recording their usual in-house setup.

On this five track release Narc Parade takes several cues from early '80's Boston hardcore bands like Negative FX or those on the infamous "This Is Boston, Not L.A." compilation. The guitars, bass, and drums are spot-on Boston in technique, however influence from modern Midwestern punk acts shines through via the lo-fi style of recording. Martella's vocals are also a bit more Midwest than New England due to their more sarcastic and nihilistic manner instead of the blunt threats of violence that Boston bands may offer. For eight minutes Narc Parade rejects cool guy-ness and showcases the headspace of a pissed off rock-and-roller living in the big city.

Listen to and download the demo below.

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